How to post pictures, avatars & tickers

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How to post pictures, avatars & tickers

Postby cdmadmin » Sat Mar 10, 2007 11:54 am

How to post pictures, avatars and tickers in your messages:

You cannot post any photo that resides on your computer at home. You must upload the photo to a website and create a link to it. Most people use public photo album websites such as:

Do not use any album website that requires a password to view your photos.

Check out one of the sites above, register for a free account and follow their instructions for uploading photos.

CAUTION: Many digital photos are very large as they come from your camera and MUST be made smaller. Any photos posted too large will be removed without warning. Many cameras come with companion software that can do the resizing, check out what yours does. Also some of the album sites will let you resize the photo. Photo sizes are measured in "pixels". Your photo should be no more than approximately 500 pixels by 300 pixels. When uploading to photobucket, select the size "Forums & Bulletin Boards".

After resizing your photo if necessary, upload it to the service according to their instructions. Then view your photo on the photo album. Hold your mouse pointer on the photo and RIGHT click. A box will appear, click on "PROPERTIES". Another box will appear with information about the photo. You are interested in the "LOCATION" line. Highlight and copy the line, be sure to get it all.

Photobucket will give you the correct link titled "Forums & Bulletin Boards". Just click on it, copy it and paste into your message as follows.

Log in to the Bulletin Board and open the New Post or Reply window. With the cursor placed where you want to insert the photo, click the "Img" box above.
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[img] [/img]

will appear

Place the cursor between the "img" tags and paste what you copied from the photo site.
The entire link in this case will look something like the text in the box below:

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How to place a picture (avatar) in your messages under your name:

Same as above except the picture should be less than 150 X 150 pixels in size and the link code

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is placed in the external avatar section of your Profile located in the User Control Panel.


How to place a "ticker" below your messages:

Create the ticker according to the instructions on the ticker website, copy the provided code and paste it into the "Signature" box in your Profile located in the User Control Panel.

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Any pictures or avatars that are too large or inappropriate will be removed.
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