How to post and reply to messages

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How to post and reply to messages

Postby cdmadmin » Thu Apr 12, 2012 9:30 pm

You MUST be a registered user AND be logged in to post messages in the "General Info Forum", and the "Timeshare Sale/Rent Forums". It is not necessary to be registered and logged to read the "How to use this Bulletin Board Forum".

How do I register?
You MUST register to read or post messages and replies. Click on the Register Icon at the top right of every page and follow the prompts. Your valid email address and your choice of username and password are required, the other items are optional. A confirmation email message will be sent immediately to the email address you provide. Your registration must be activated by an Administrator which may take up to 24 hours. Please write down your login information as a record of your chosen username and password in case you forget the information later. Choose your username carefully, it cannot be changed later. Do not use your email address as a username.

Selecting a forum
Once you have logged in you will see a list of forums, simply click on the name of the forum of interest to view the postings in that forum. For example, if you want to list your week(s) for rent or view weeks for rent click on "Timeshares Available For Rent by CDM Owners".

How do I post a new message in a forum?
Click the New Topic button at the top left of either the forum or topic screens. You must be a registered user and be logged in to post a message.

How do I reply to a message?
Click the Reply button at the top left while the message you wish to reply to is on the screen. You must be a registered user and be logged in to reply to a message.

How do I edit or delete a message?
You can only edit or delete your own messages. You must be logged to edit or delete. Edit a message by clicking the Edit Button while your message is on the screen. You can delete your message only if no one has replied to it. Click on the X Icon while your message is on the screen. Administrators and Moderators can edit or delete any message at any time.

How do I change my recorded email address
If your email address changes, it is important that you update your Profile with the new address. Log in, click on the User Control Panel link at the top left of any page. Select Profile then select Edit Account Settings and change your email address in the field provided. A confirmation email message will be sent to the new address including a link that MUST be clicked to validate the change.

How do I change my username
Usernames cannot be changed.

I forgot my username and/or password. What can I do?
If you know your username but not your password, go to the login screen and click on the "Reset password" link. Follow the prompts. If you forgot your username, you are in big trouble. Use the Support link outlined in red at the top of any page to request assistance. Do not ask us for your password, only you know what password you used when you registered.

The system sent me a new password but I cannot log in.
Are you using the correct username? Did you activate the new password according to the instructions in the email message you received with the new password? Are you entering the password exactly as given you in the emaol message?

When I try to register, I'm told someone is already using my email address. What gives?
That someone is YOU. It means you are already registered under another username.

How do I include a picture in my message?
See the separate posting for details.
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