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Usage Terms & Disclaimer

Postby cdmadmin » Sat Mar 10, 2007 12:04 pm

The Casa del Mar Bulletin Board is privately operated for the convenience and enjoyment of its users by Casa del Mar Beach Resort in Aruba.

The management of Casa del Mar Beach Resort reserves the right to remove or edit any message or to discontinue the operation of the board or any of its individual forums at any time.

Users are required to register for a username and password to post messages to all Forums. It is the User's responsibility to keep their login information in a safe place and to update their Profile as necessary. We do not know what your password is and cannot retrieve them for you.

If you register with us, we will collect certain personal information from you. That personal information includes only the required and optional information you enter in the registration form (your name, email address, user preferences, user name and password). We only collect the information that you manually enter into our forms. We may store all or some of that information in a cookie file on your hard drive, so that our system will recognize you each time you visit our site. In that way, we can save your preferences from visit to visit and present you with a customized Web site, without requiring you to log into our site every time you visit.

No information is shared in any way with anyone, any other website or organization.

All messages posted on the board and its forums are the responsibility of the individual posting such message. Casa del Mar Beach Resort takes no responsibility for the contents of any message not posted by its management. Information found on this Bulletin Board does not come from official sources and should not be considered as authoritative or accurate in any way unless so stated in the message. Casa del Mar Beach Resort and/or it's website administrator take no responsibility for lost or misdirected messages. When writing your messages, please use the same courtesy that you would show when speaking face-to-face with someone. Flames, insults, and personal attacks will not be tolerated. It's fine to disagree strongly with opinions, ideas, and facts, but always with respect for the other person. Great minds do not always think alike, and that's where the fun is! Any messages judged by Casa del Mar Beach Resort's management to be in poor taste, inappropriate or unrelated to Aruba will be edited or removed without notice.

Commercial advertising of any kind is prohibited, will be removed when found.

Limited "personal" advertising of timeshare sales or rentals is allowed in the appropriate Forums. Such messages must be related to Casa del Mar Timeshares only and a valid email address and/or telephone number must appear for anyone interested to contact for details.

Continued violations of these rules will result in the deleting of the violator's usage account.

We appreciate everyone's anticipated cooperation.
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